Timing and Tracking System

Official Technology Partner : TRAILME

We are proud to partner with TRAILME for our virtual run. It is a simple, innovative, and accurate timing and tracking system so that participants can really be in competition with one other, albeit virtually. After registering on the official website, download and register your participation in the TRAILME app via App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (android). The app is able to record precise check-in and check-out times at various points on the route and can also provide real-time route tracking, an essential for all competitors.

Step 1

Finish registration on this website every day before 7pm

Step 2

Finish registration on this website. Download TRAILME on App Store or Google Play and finish user registration.

Step 3

We will update the runners’ info every day after 7 pm.

Participants can record their time, route and results during the race, or up the competition by chasing the ranking and records of the other runners. Rankings are visible to all participants.

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