Event Highlights

Date: 6am on 1 Feb 2022 till 6 pm on 28 Feb 2022

Category Registration Fee :

  5KM Race

  Solo Run – $280
  Family Run For 2* – $500
  Family Run For 3* – $750

* at least one of the runners must be 18 years or older

  28KM Race

  Solo Run – $380

  50KM Race

  Solo Run – $480

Finisher’s Requirement and the Time Limit:

5km : No time limit / 28km : 8 hours / 50km : 14 hours
Participants are required to complete the course in one-go. They can have as many attempts as they want to achieve their best result.
Participants who finish the 50km race are entitled to iTRA 2 points.
Participants who finish the 28km race are entitled to iTRA 1 points.
All of the qualifying results, from the 28km and 50km, will be ranked with the best result of each participant considered for the title of Champion.

Family Fun Run Options

The Violet Hills Twins Challenge invites families to get together and run for camaraderie, community and charity. What better way to strengthen bonds than through a shared goal, group fitness and encouragement from your own family? The event shows that families are stronger together and provides an opportunity to educate your child about sports and facing challenges.

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Bonus Prize

Only finishers of the race are entitled to win a smartphone worth over $10,000

For an extra chance of the prize, 28km and 50km participants who finished their registered distance within the time limit (winners of the cash prizes excluded) may win an iPhone 13 Pro. (6 Prizes)

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