Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry

Established in 2007, Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry (“THE REGISTRY”) is the only and first-ever charitable organization dedicated to help the high-risk families who have hereditary risk of breast, ovarian and prostate cancer due to BRCA gene mutations. 

We also aim to advance and standardize clinical care by formulating preventative measures through data collection, research, public education, counseling and supportive care services in reducing the incidence of hereditary cancers in Chinese population. THE REGISTRY now has the largest database and biobank of hereditary breast cancers specimens in Chinese which would facilitate better understanding research of the disease locally and worldwide. THE REGISTRY has raised funds for financing the underserved high - risk families in the community to undergo genetic testing and counseling and has benefited over 4,800 individuals involving 3,600 families up to now. THE REGISTRY has designed a BOP triple colour ribbon, based on interlacing three ribbons in the international colours of Breast, Ovarian and Prostate Cancers Awareness respectively, emphasizing the interlink among these cancers due to hereditary causes.

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